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Damp Proofing


At Ecodry Solutions we encounter many customers who have sought solutions to damp issues before only to be bitterly disappointed with the results.

When we visit your home, our specialist surveyor will examine the effected area and point out possible causes and solution.

  • – Damp inside the home normally falls into one of three categories:
  • – Rising damp
  • – Penetrating damp
  • – Condensation based damp

At Ecodry Solutions we are equipped to deal with all three damp issues that are common to the uk housing stock and have a range of products and treatments available to deal with the issues particular to your circumstances.

We will carry out a survey, diagnose any underlying issues and causes and recommend a treatment to suit your problem.

All our damp treatments come with a guarantee.

Contact us for further details or to make and appointment for one of our surveyors to call on you.


When the pores of a wall collect moisture, more heat is transferred than would be possible if the cavities were filled with air. The thermal conductivity of the wall increases enormously with dampness. Tests have shown that a damp content of 5% in a plain brick wall, for example, can lower the insulation performance by up to 50%, especially where cavity wall insulation has been installed. Porous building materials, such as natural stone, brick, solid brick, etc. normally have good insulating properties as they have air-filled cavities, which offer low thermal conductivity …

… but only when they are dry


A surface treated with proPERLA® Masonry Creme will better INSULATE a property and will improve the insulation properties of mineral building materials by reducing water absorption. The lifespan of a treatment is more than 20 years. The product bonds due to a molecular reaction to the surface, can penetrate up to 17 mm and will create an insulation barrier.


The masonry is able to breathe and will be permeable to water vapour whilst allowing air and moisture to pass through from one side to the other. A breathing masonry will improve the thermal conductivity and insulation properties. Just a 5% content of damp in cavity wall insulation or other building materials can lower the thermal resistance by up to 50%.


Dirt particles are unable to obtain a hold on the proPERLA® treated brickwork and will simply flow off with rainfall. The masonry remains clean and attractive. Even on sides which are particularly exposed to the weather like on the north-facing side or areas in shade, as well as in areas with high air humidity or sea salt penetrated air.