Ecodry Solutions Driveway Restorations are designed to give your current driveway a new lease of life, without a massive cost of relaying and without the hassle and mess alongside it.

As part of a driveway restoration, we will perform various steps to ensure your driveway is transformed, and fully protected with specialized coatings which provide protection under a guarantee.

As part of the service, we will

·         Deep clean the block paving to provide clean surface, and also remove jointing sand from between the blocks.

·         Level any areas which have dropped over the years, any edgings that have moved can also be reset.

·         A full fungicide washdown is applied to kill off any bacteria on the block and help kill of any weeds that have penetrated through the jointing gaps.

·         Application of new jointing sand to re fill all gaps between blocks

·         Application of one of our Resiblock coatings which provide outstanding protection against water ingress in to blocks, chemically bonds and sets the sand in the joints meaning it makes it extremely difficult for weed growth to occur. (General maintaining of surface is required to fully prevent weed growth completely as birds and trees dropping seeds cannot be eliminated with any coatings, a monthly sweep or washdown with hose pipe is recommended) Resiblock also provides protection against oil spills on to the surface.


Our driveway restoration comes with a 2-year workmanship guarantee and a guarantee of 10 years for product performance.


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