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Why You Should Consider Roof Restoration

Why You Should Consider Roof Restoration?

The roof is among the major home areas you must consider when thinking of renovating or upgrading your home. The fact that this part of the house remains exposed to all kinds of weather elements means that it is bound to have issues from time to time. It wears down over time leaving it old and unsightly. Whereas most people would jump into replacing the roof, it is a better choice to restore it. The restoration involves cleaning the roof, repairing it and even re-coating it so it looks as good as new without costing you as much as a replacement would cost. Apart from reducing costs, there are a number of other reasons why you should consider restoring your roof.

It extends roof life

Looking at your roof you may think that its end has come, but with a few touches here and there, you stand to enjoy the same roof for a longer time. When you restore the roof on time, you will save yourself from massive repairs that can be costly or even roof failure that can lead to more damages to your property. You cannot control weather elements, but you can keep your roof looking good and in top condition with restoration services no matter what you are exposed to in your area.

It prevents damaging leaks

Water leak can be quite damaging, especially when they go unnoticed. When water seeps through a deteriorated roof, then the results are never good. Apart from encouraging mildew and mold growth, the water could end up ruining your valuable documents, appliances and furniture as well as other home items. It also interferes with the structural integrity of your home. Roof restoration helps in preventing the damages by sealing the tiles. The sooner you have your roof restored the better off you will be in keeping extensive damages and costs at bay.


It improves energy efficiency

A faulty roof can greatly increase your heating or energy bills. This is especially the case when there are holes and openings on the roof, which allow warm air from inside the home to escape, thus demanding for continuous heating to the temperatures inside for be comfortable. As long as the roof is not properly sealed, then it will not be efficient as far as energy goes. By restoring the roof, you will be improving the efficiency of your home, saving you from unnecessary high heating bills. If your bills start looking questionable, it could be time to have your roof evaluated.

It adds value to your home

If you are planning to sell your home, then you want to get the best value for it. The roof condition is among the things buyers pay attention to and roof restoration will help you add this important value without spending much on it. A good roof also makes the home appealing, so you will be able to sell it in no time at all when you seek the best restoration services.

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Why Should You Go For Professional Roofing Restoration Services

Why Should You Go For Professional Roofing Restoration Services?

Whether you have a flat roof or a slate roof, as far as its restoration and maintenance is concerned professional roofing contractors could really make your work simple and take away all the stress and headache.

By opting for the right professional roofing services you will surely be able to get your roof back in good condition. It is of utmost importance to hire the right company for the job that takes away all the hassle while saving your precious time and money.

Health and Safety

Another great benefit that you could gain here by hiring the right roofing contractor is that you do not have to risk your own safety while getting the job completed. Professional roofing companies are expected to have all the health and safety training and certification.

Experience and expertise

Even though a wide range of activities usually get classified under “roofing”, each job will certainly have a different aspect to it and it will require a specific area of knowledge. For example, repairing a shingle roof is very different compared to fixing an arched roof. The expert roofers will be able to advise you on what type of material and method should be used for your specific job.

Even though you could do this yourself, it is always safer to use the professionals for this as they have all the necessary tools and equipment.

Guaranteed high quality workmanship

There may be small and straightforward roofing jobs that you are tempted to carry out. And, invariably, you may be able to complete them yourself. However, what you need to keep in mind is the longevity of the workmanship. With the roofing jobs you can not take any risks as the consequences can be very costly. So, it is best to get the expert roofers in as their work will last a long time and they will give you all the necessary guarantees if there are any issues.


The professional roofing companies will have all the necessary insurance that is related to the roofing job. They will not only have public liability insurance but also professional indemnity insurance in place as well. You would hope to not need these but things sometimes do go wrong.

These are some of the crucial things that you should remember about professional roofing restoration and maintenance services.

Not all the roofing companies will have the same level of accreditation or the quality of service. So, make sure that you look out for some good alternatives and go through a rigorous selection process. This will certainly save you a lot of time as well as money.

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Roof Restoration – Why You Should Leave It to the Experts

Roof Restoration - Why You Should Leave It to the Experts?

Undoubtedly, the roof is the most important part of your house. Apart from offering you and your family the necessary protection from rain, heat and snow; it also maintains the value of your home. Grudgingly, this is one of the most neglected parts of the house, either due to its location away from the prying eyes of the visitors or due to disregard of its significance. The importance of a well maintained and serviced roof cannot be underestimated and there are lots of DIY tips on the internet. While not disputing that constant care and cleaning by the owner can have a major impact on maintaining the desired roof gloss; some of the problems can be quite complicated and this is a task that is best left to the experts.

They know the cleaning and repair materials to use

Due to age, strong wind, harsh climatic patterns, heavy raindrops and baking hot sun, your house roof cannot be expected to maintain the glow it had immediately after construction. These weather conditions can vulgarize the roof and leave it an empty shell. Each kind of the roof damage requires a specific approach and there are special products designed for restoration. To a novice any roof cleaner can do but when it comes to experts there are factors to consider before settling on the specific products to use. By following the DIY tips, there is a possibility of exacerbating the damage farther rather than correcting. Your roof requires constant high pressure cleaning, surface treatment and sealing. These are tasks that require an experienced and trained hand.

Avoid the risk

Definitely the roof top is a tricky place to be even for a trained expert. Anything can happen and you can trip and fall your way to permanent injuries or death. Trained roof repairmen are quite skilled and guided by experience they know what they are exposing themselves to. They are adequately armed with protective gears and other equipments to minimize the dangers of injuries. Although it may appear like a mundane task, roof restoration is very engaging and to achieve the desired results requires effort, skills and careful stepping.

Liability recourse

There are instances where a venture on basic roof restorations leads to more damages. A repainting job might lead to cracking and chipping way of tiles especially if the roof is old and haggard adding extra costs to the homeowners. There are complaints of shoddy jobs done by incompetent repairmen leaving leaking roofs or loose tiles behind; leaving the owner with a huge repair bill to foot. Most of the licensed contractors and other home restoration experts come with insurance covers that indemnify the home owner from any resultant liability arising out of the contractor’s own mistakes and negligence.

You would not like to pay for a mess left behind by incompetent repair men or endure the inconveniences that come with a leaking roof. This is why you should hire experts.

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How Does Roof Restoration Take Place

How Does Roof Restoration Take Place?

Are you planning to get your roof restores and renovated soon? Roof restoration is a very important part of home exteriors renovation. So you have been advised on roof restoration. However you are not aware of what the entire process consists of. Obviously you need to know what it is all about. Depending upon how old your roof is and what kind of place you live in, your roof is generally subject to some amount of damaged. Roof maintenance goes a long way to get this damage repaired. Of course once you learn about the techniques used, you can do it yourself. However it is best to leave this task up to the expert professionals.

The process begins with a thorough cleaning of the roof. The special technique used is called the high pressure cleaning. Special cleaning agents are released on the area with a lot of pressure. This pressure is strong enough to break the chemical bonds of the accumulated dirt. The pressure reaches out to the corners and in between the cracks of the roof as well. This dirt can eat into the roof causing permanent damage. That is why it is necessary to first get roof thoroughly cleaned. Once the cleaning is over, the experts would check the entire roof thoroughly. They would look into the entire roof to check for any sign of cracks or damage. Once damage or potential damage has been found the cleaners would use various techniques to get them repaired.

This comprises of the entire repair that is needed. Once this is done the roof is painted. The repainting would give the roof a fresh shine. Once the paint is dried, a protective sealing is given to the roof. This protective layer is a shield against the weather and fungus. While separate sealing could be used to deal with each often one dual acting sealing is used to save the trouble. That is all that comprises of roof restoration.

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What Is Damp Proofing

What Is Damp Proofing?

Damp proofing is the term used to describe a number of different damp proofing treatments and solutions that are installed to prevent damp problems on your property. It is more commonly known as a type of waterproofing for walls that have a barrier in the walls or floors.

Why is it important? 

Damp proofing is a long-term solution to prevent moisture decay. It prevents moisture and water passing through into interior spaces and can therefore prevent timber decay and structural damage such as rising damp, wet rot and dry rot.

It also prevents from the serious property problem rising damp. Rising damp is when water from the ground rises up through the bricks and mortar of a building and is soaked up by the building like water into a sponge. A correctly installed damp proofing course will protect against rising damp.

Identifying a damp proofing problem 
There are a lot of different causes of damp in a home that can lead to different types of damp than just rising damp.

  • Condensation

Condensation is the most common form of dampness within a building and it often becomes a problem when black mould beings to appear.

Although condensation is generally only visible on windows it is likely to be on your outside walls too. Serious cases of condensation turn into black mould problems.

  • Rising damp

As explained above, rising damp is when a building soaks up water through the ground and causes great damage to the masonry or timber.

It will often appear as a ‘tide’ mark around a foot above ground level on the ground floor of a building. Rising damp can only appear on the ground floor of a building.

  • Penetrating damp

Penetrating damp is a common problem in older properties that have solid walls. It will often occur when there is a leaking downpipe and water can seep in through the walls.

How to prevent damp proofing problems?

If you suspect that you have a problem then it is vital that you correctly identify what the exact problem is. If you get the diagnosis wrong then you could be paying for a costly damp proofing treatment that is completely unnecessary. It will not work and your damp problem will continue and costs incurred will be wasted.

It is always recommended that a specialist in brought into professionally survey the property and find out what the exact cause of the problem is.

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Why Choose Wall Coatings to Protect Your Home

Why Choose Wall Coatings to Protect Your Home?

As the winter months have shown recently, the weather in the UK can be pretty intense for all homes and buildings. There are several ways of protecting your home from weathering and damp. Damp is a huge problem in the UK for house owners and with the right help this is really avoidable with the correct wall coatings. A large fifteen per cent of the homes in the UK have shown damage down to dampness.

There are a many reasons why water may get to in to your home and cause damage, poor guttering, down pipes, poorly sealed windows and roofing can all leave your home open to damp. However the worst is from exterior walls that have been badly maintained throughout the years. Over time render on the wall of your home will crack and the surface erodes from weathering. Bricks can erode and stonework eventually crumbles. This damage then creates openings into your home which can be imposed by damp.

With moisture on your exterior walls, your property is more likely to then be damaged by the weather as in extremely cold conditions the water in the wall will freeze. This will in turn cause the wall to contract and expand, creating cracks. This is commonly known as freeze thaw cracking and can cause many problems. In the worst case scenario damp penetration can cause structural problems for buildings as the water is absorbed into the wood. The simple answer to all these potential damps problems is simple. Wall coatings are available from professional companies.

These wall coatings are micro porous which means they are able to breathe and any moisture that is drawn in will be able to dry out before it causes any trouble. The coating is also a waterproof barrier so that any water that has worked its way in will then be able to dry out, much like human skin. Wall coatings can also withstand changing temperatures from hot to cold, so no more cracking will form and no damp let in.

There are plenty of good quality companies available online to find for this type of work, they will come and visit your home and assess the state of your external walls. Then it can be decided what is the best call of action to protect your home. Work like this can really be an investment for your home for the future, ensuring that the elements do not ruin your family’s home and future.03

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How to Spot Good Damp Proofing Contractors

How to Spot Good Damp Proofing Contractors in Nottingham?

Although damp proofing contractors do not perform the most glamorous part of a building project, their selection is essential for a successful construction. Generally they must treat or repair woodwork, brickwork, floors or roofs in order to prevent fungal infections, insect attacks or dampness. Their customer range is formed by people with commercial or residential properties.

DPC contractors are normally associated with remedial works to a property that is suffering from damp from a failed damp proof course or other. There are many advantages associated with damp proofing, and you must understand that you need to find some good contractors during the construction of the house, not after.

Many professionals recommend that damp treatment is used on the exterior walls during the construction process. For example, this can refer to using liquid asphalt painted over the outside part of the walls. This will help seal the moisture out once the house is finished. When looking for damp proofing contractors, take note that damp proofing is different from waterproofing a house. Damp proofing can prevent the dampness from affecting the house but it cannot stop water leaking in through cracks. As you can see, it is a must-do step as is any construction project, and you need to work with the best professionals. I am sure you do not want any unpleasant surprises after your new home party. Therefore, why not prevent it?

A professional contractor can always provide you effective solutions to keep damp at bay. Companies specializing in damp proofing have an extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to tools, chemical systems and products. They can easily prevent the problem from reoccurring. The question is: how can we find the best contractors?


When it comes to choosing reliable contractors one of the key elements are recommendations. Ask your friends, co-workers or local contractors for recommendations. If no one has heard of a certain company, there are two reasons: it is either a new business or they have few clients. When a business is successful, clients are attracted and prices are convenient. Make a list with the top three best recommendations and start asking for prices and services.

Range of services provided

Some people are trying to solve all damp issues from one hit, and it would be nice if you find damp proofing contractors that can provide the whole range of related services, from dampness to insect attacks or brickwork.

Quality of service

An experienced DPC firm always takes a case as a unique case and looks for the most convenient and performing solutions for the property. This is why sometimes big companies may lose the advantage. A smaller, yet experienced team of damp proofing contractors can focus on your needs specifically while taking their time for finishing the work.

Tools and materials used for this type of remedial work must be modern and effective. There are new products on the market released every day. Good damp proofing contractors work with the latest products, so make sure you ask what they use before hiring them.

Price can be a good indicator of how experienced remedial contractors are, but there are exceptions. Try to find a balanced offer which is not too cheap and not too expensive.

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Damp Proofing Specialists in Nottingham

So you need a damp proofing specialist?

There are several reasons why we occasionally need the help of a damp-proofing specialist. These can range from a damp patch on wall plaster; mould growing on walls and ceilings or, a pre house purchase damp survey.

By far the best way of finding any contractor is by recommendation and if you are lucky, a friend will have first hand experience of using a local damp proofing firm and that’s always worth looking at.

However, assuming that’s not the case, how do you find a good firm and avoid the cowboy trader?

These days the web is the place we tend to start and of course Google and Bing will throw up lots of firms, when you type in ‘damp proofing’. But before believing all the claims on company web site like ‘honest service’, ‘high quality workmanship’ or ‘fully qualified staff’ it can pay to look a little deeper.

In saying this we need to recognise that most people haven’t got hours and hours of time to spend pre-vetting a damp proofing company before engaging them, so some short cuts are justified (most of the time).

damp proofing solution in nottigham

An easy short cut to pre-vetted damp proofing specialists

In the UK there is only one nationally recognised trade association for damp proofing contractors, so the Property Care Association is a good place to start. The PCA have written standards they work to and companies have to meet these, and pass a strict financial, health and safety and insurance test before they can join. Better still, member firms are visited regularly and subjected to an independent quality audit.

Okay so the PCA want members and the members pay the associations running costs; if they threw them all out they’d be out of business, so can these checks be relied on?

On their own no, they can’t; all organisation have the odd bad member and you could be unlucky and get the worst PCA member, rather than the best. The thing is though, by choosing a PCA damp proofing member, you are already weeding out the non-members, those who have been vetted by nobody. On balance, you’ve already increased the chances of finding a good damp proofing firm, who are qualified, financially sound and well insured.

Right, so now we’ve narrowed the field down and a quick search using the PCA find a contractor widget on the PCA web site will give you a list of PCA members in your area.

That’s the main shortlist of damp proofing firms complete but how can you really find the best?

What next? Visit the web site of each in turn and have a quick scan. These days building a web site is a snip and a flashy site template with a few generic images and photos is common – this tells you very little about those behind the company.

Look deeper though… You are looking for some real facts; some sign of substance behind all that damp proofing gloss.

Clues to a good firm include images of the staff, the boss, his managers and key employees. If the firm is small, all the employees should be represented; after all, if there are only ten or so, then each one represents 10% of the service package – check them out. It’s hard for a shallow ‘front’ of a business to fake this part.

Next look at the footer of the contact and home page. In the UK it is the law that all company web pages must have the owner details shown. Things like the real holding company name and it’s registered company number and registered address. These allow you to check a firm’s past records such as court cases and financial records at Companies House (this is free). If this information is missing then move on – the company know the law and if they are breaking it in this way, there’s a good reason for it and they have something to hide – beware vendors who wear masks!

Customer testimonials are used by many firms and it’s true that what customers say about damp proofing specialists they’ve used, mean much more than what the management say. However, anyone can write a few glib sentences and call these a testimonial, so how can you weed out the dodgy ones?

Once again it’s a case of looking a little deeper; are there photographs of these happy clients? Are any commercial clients named (you can then check these exist with a simple search engine)? Commercial companies guard their brand and goodwill very carefully and most will have Google Alerts set up so they see if anyone is using their name in vain. So if all the testimonials on a traders site are from Mrs Smith or Mr Jones, with no real details – ask yourself why.

Most sites these days will have a news section – this is key to getting under the skin of a company. Is the news up to date? What kind of news is ‘good’ in the companies’ eyes? If it’s all about how great they are, with no real depth then shy away. Just think, what would you want to put on your news pages if you were running a company? How about the achievements of your staff?

New certificates for training; awards for good service; any charity efforts and events? Of course there will be news about new services and jobs well done too – look for a real story which represents the efforts of a group of people behind the firm – this is always a good pointer to an ethical, good company. If they care about their staff, they also care about their customers – the two go hand in hand.

Accreditations are the next good pointer. In the UK the minimum generic accreditation to look for is TrustMark. TrustMark is a government sponsored set of basic consumer focused standards, which must be met by a company before they can display the logo. It’s not fool proof, but if it’s not there – why not? Meeting these minimum standards; having insurance, a complaints procedure, customer deposit protection and similar basic good practice should be easy to meet for any half-descent company.

In construction related activity in the UK health and safety is growing in importance. So the government has another sponsored scheme called CHAS. This stands for Construction Health and Safety Scheme. The CHAS logo is only displayed if the firm have met and are seen to continue to meet basic health and safety standards, which are audited every year. CHAS is not hard to get, but once more, if it is missing be very careful – the firm either never work on real construction sites (where CHAS is mandatory), or they can’t be bothered to do the work to meet the CHAS standard. If you use a firm without CHAS you may be inviting danger into your house or risking harm to others on the project – I’d avoid non CHAS members.

The Property Care Association is a must as I said, but of course we are only looking at PCA member companies anyway.

Investors in People is also worth looking for. This is an established accreditation which is quite hard to win and even harder to maintain. IIP is only awarded when a firm can demonstrate commitment and good practice in eight areas, all of which revolve around staff engagement, training and development. We’ve all had poor service from bored, poorly motivated and underpaid staff. IIP is a way of checking that the damp proofing company really put their staff first, so you are likely to served by enthusiastic, well paid and well motivated people – I know who I’d rather deal with.

Whilst we’re on the subject of people why not check out the qualifications of the people in the firm. In the UK there are national qualifications for damp proofing surveyors and technicians. Look for the letters CSRT after the surveyor’s names – this stands for Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatment and it shows that the surveyor has had his knowledge of damp, timber defects and health and safety validated by independent examination. Anyone can call themselves a damp specialist surveyor – but are they? If they have CSRT after their name they are; if not then why not?

It’s similar with the damp proofing installer; the guys who actually carry out the damp proofing on site. The Property Care Association run validated training for technicians and there is also a City and Guilds NVQ level 2 for damp and timber treatment technicians – ask if they have this.

I hope the above helps you find a good contractor for you damp proofing project – here’s a checklist for finding one:

Trusted personal recommendation
Property Care Association member
A web site with substance (real people)
A web site with the owners names and company details displayed
Testimonials from real companies as well as domestic clients
News pages are up to date with varied stories which include staff and customer details
Trustmark registration
CHAS registration
Investors In People Accreditation
Staff qualified in the work they advertise (CSRT)
The above is ideal if you are in the UK but many of the pointers apply anywhere in the world.

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