Why Choose Wall Coatings to Protect Your Home?

As the winter months have shown recently, the weather in the UK can be pretty intense for all homes and buildings. There are several ways of protecting your home from weathering and damp. Damp is a huge problem in the UK for house owners and with the right help this is really avoidable with the correct wall coatings. A large fifteen per cent of the homes in the UK have shown damage down to dampness.

There are a many reasons why water may get to in to your home and cause damage, poor guttering, down pipes, poorly sealed windows and roofing can all leave your home open to damp. However the worst is from exterior walls that have been badly maintained throughout the years. Over time render on the wall of your home will crack and the surface erodes from weathering. Bricks can erode and stonework eventually crumbles. This damage then creates openings into your home which can be imposed by damp.

With moisture on your exterior walls, your property is more likely to then be damaged by the weather as in extremely cold conditions the water in the wall will freeze. This will in turn cause the wall to contract and expand, creating cracks. This is commonly known as freeze thaw cracking and can cause many problems. In the worst case scenario damp penetration can cause structural problems for buildings as the water is absorbed into the wood. The simple answer to all these potential damps problems is simple. Wall coatings are available from professional companies.

These wall coatings are micro porous which means they are able to breathe and any moisture that is drawn in will be able to dry out before it causes any trouble. The coating is also a waterproof barrier so that any water that has worked its way in will then be able to dry out, much like human skin. Wall coatings can also withstand changing temperatures from hot to cold, so no more cracking will form and no damp let in.

There are plenty of good quality companies available online to find for this type of work, they will come and visit your home and assess the state of your external walls. Then it can be decided what is the best call of action to protect your home. Work like this can really be an investment for your home for the future, ensuring that the elements do not ruin your family’s home and future.03

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